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Carbonless Books
DL and A6 Carbonless Books
Soft or Hard Croc Board Cover
Qty1 bk4 bks10 bks20 bks
Duplicate - 50 sets / bk$69.81$139.65$252.73$350.29
Duplicate - 100 sets / bk$86.45$165.15$292.66$396.86
Triplicate - 50 sets / bk$97.54$178.46$305.96$422.38
Quadruplicate - 50 sets / bk$78.67$205.08$340.30$475.56

A5 Carbonless Books
Soft or Hard Croc Board Cover
Duplicate - 50 sets / bk$82.00$151.84$322.61$380.23
Duplicate - 100 sets / bk$90.89$176.24$372.47$419.05
Triplicate - 50 sets / bk$105.30$195.10$383.56$456.72
Quadruplicate - 50 sets / bk$162.92$248.30$426.81$519.93

A4 Carbonless Books
Soft or Hard Croc Board Cover
Duplicate - 50 sets / bk$93.11$165.15$370.26$410.18
Duplicate - 100 sets / bk$108.63$185.11$470.03$605.30
Triplicate - 50 sets / bk$114.13$215.07$495.53$635.23
Quadruplicate - 50 sets / bk$159.61$268.26$521.05$685.10

PrinTrix can manufacture carbonless books to any specification.

Carbonless books printed by PrinTrix provide the cheapest and best quality carbonless books for your business.

Our great prices make it affordable to have:
  • Duplicate, Triplicate or Quadruplicate options available (can have upto 5 parts per set)
  • Top sheet is white / following pages - blue, yellow, pink or green
  • Crocodile board cover - blue, red, green, grey available
  • Sequential Numbering - up to 6 digits in red ink
  • One colour printing (non-metallic colour)
  • 1 Perforation in the same position throughout the book
  • All pages must have the same artwork
  • No Set Up Fee & No Hidden Fee

  • Options available (additional costs incur):
  • Change Ink Colour
  • Full Colour Printing
  • Multiple Numbering
  • Multiple Perforations
  • Full Colour Printing
  • Add Second Colour
  • Printing on reverse

Turn Around Time - 6 to 12 days after proof approval
Artwork - Free design time, information supplied by customer
Supplied Artwork - Print ready PDF with fonts outlined or supplied

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